28.November 2018

Mirka Premium Abrasives: Iridium and Novastar

Abrasives with many special features

The new paper abrasive Iridium as well as the film abrasive Novastar from Mirka® are characterized by a multitude of special features:

  • An innovative non-stick coating ensures better dust repulsion, so that no clogging is necessary and a longer service life is possible. In addition, the dust load for the user is reduced.
  • The precise application of the abrasive grains creates transport channels to remove abrasive dust. In this way, a constant, dust-repellent grinding performance can be achieved.
  • The effective multihole perforation leads to optimum extraction and dust-free grinding.
  • The low VOC content reduces the solvent load for the user
  • The Iridium abrasive is available in 150mm/125mm and in strips (70 x 400 mm or 2 x 70 x 198 mm perforated strips).

Applications Iridium

  • Automotive industry: car body work, paint stripping, paint preparations
  • Painters, dry construction, carpenters: paint stripping and renovation work, sintering layers, soil levelling compounds, hard and soft soil wood processing
  • OEM and system/module supplier: aluminium parts, plastic parts, intermediate varnish sanding

Technical Properties Iridium

  • Grain type: ceramic/alumina
  • Colour: Grey
  • Carrier material: Latex C-paper
  • Binder: resin system with low VOC content
  • Grain size: 40-600
  • Liability: Grip
  • Scattering: Semi-open    


Applications Novastar

  • Automotive industry: car body work, use with foils, composite materials
  • Painters, dry construction, carpenters: intermediate varnish sanding, edge sanding (staircase construction), glass fibre reinforced plastic, mineral materials
  • OEM and system/module supplier: Industrial applications

Technical features Novastar

  • Grain type: ceramic/alumina
  • Color: Transparent
  • Carrier material: Polyester film
  • Binder: resin system with low VOC content
  • Grain size: 80-P600
  • Liability: Grip
  • Scattering: Semi-open

Due to their excellent technical properties, the new Mirka® products offer numerous advantages. The use of Iridium and Novastar increases efficiency and productivity during the manufacturing process, so that only a few steps are required. The high user-friendliness ensures a pleasant grinding process and offers a clean and healthy working environment. This saves time and money and still results in an excellent finish.

Note: This product information is intended to provide the user with an initial selection and contains neither the guarantee of a product nor the assurance of a characteristic. The information in the technical literature does not release the user from the obligation to test the use of a selected product beforehand. © Krückemeyer GmbH. Pictures © Mirka GmbH