Die-Cut parts

Die-cut parts are colloquially referred to as stickers, tags or adhesive dots. Self-adhesive die-cut parts made of adhesive tape materials take on countless tasks in industry. Constructive bondings of different materials are among their core competences in this respect. They are used where adhesive tape can no longer be employed efficiently and special shapes are needed. Read more of the exciting stories of customers. 

Adhesive tape tailored to suit your processes

  • We can also produce your individual adhesive tape to improve the function of your products and workflows.
  • Tape design is individual and a range of different materials are combined. Special features of conventional adhesive tapes are combined.
  • Individual blanks are cut to length and width and special shapes realised as adhesive die-cut parts.
  • The advantages are process optimisation through speed and easier handling which saves time and money, the achievement of automation during assembly work and much more.