21.March 2017

The modern bonding method

Why adhesive technology is the new welding

Most of the products used every day are assembled from many parts, differing materials such as metals and plastics have to be bound to each other.

Adhesives taking over constructive bonding

Constructive adhesion can create bonds that significantly improve the elegance and efficiency of your products, work or production processes.

This is not just through the use of adhesives, as constructive bonds can also be made with adhesive tape or die-cut parts made from adhesive tape, which are commonly referred to as stickers, adhesive dots or labels.

Double-sided adhesive tape shaped to your requirements

Custom designed die-cut parts can be made to perfectly match your process requirements, both in terms of shape and the type of adhesive tape used as the base material. The stamped or laser cut adhesive parts can be produced for you in any imaginable shape, from custom assembled double sided adhesive films.

Properties of adhesive tape in constructive bonding

Weight savings on parts, such as light-weighting in the automobile industry, was first made possible by constructive binding. Further advantages are sealing against gases and liquids, vibration damping, corrosion protection, balancing dynamics between bonded parts, isolating properties and much more.

The problems with standard bonding methods such as bolting, riveting and welding.

Mechanical methods such as riveting or bolting only provide for limited points of holding power. Adhesives allow for the full surface of the workpiece to be used instead. For mechanical bonds, holes are also often needed in the workpiece, which has the potential to weaken the material. With thermal methods such as welding, the workpiece material may also have its properties altered above certain temperatures, finishing of the material is therefore often needed, which isn’t needed when adhesives are used. Welds may also begin to rust after a while.

Proper use is crucial – we can help!

When applied correctly, adhesive techniques can create durable bonds between almost any combination of materials, but it has been shown that 85% of failed adhesive bonds were due to application errors.
For this reason, businesses can choose to be monitored by experts with DIN 2304-1 certification. We can support you with our in house adhesive specialists, trained to DVS-EWF standards.

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