18.July 2017

RFID labels – optimally equipped for every application

We have the capability to apply a range of adhesives to RFID labels for any applications

Logistical systems are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to operate due to global networks and process chains that require flexibility and dynamics on short time scales. RFID labels can be of great use, and also open the gate to the “Internet of Things” in logistics.

Revolution of the classical barcode

Networking and transparency are the leading principles in modern logistics. Automation of transfers at carriers, tracking & tracing as well as bulk recognition of multiple objects are processes that are made possible and optimised using RFID labels. Logistic specialists may still be reluctant to apply them, but the first upward trend in their use is now recognisable. In warehouse and inventory management, RFID labels are already regarded as a revolution of the classical barcode.

RFID labels as the basis for “Internet of Things”

RFID labels can be applied in almost any area of logistics, the complete supply chain from the producer to final user can be tracked and analysed. If data is the new oil, the RFID label is its barrel.
What starts today with the synchronisation of the flow of materials and information, will tomorrow provide increasing networking and transparency and will finally, in the near future, culminate in the “Internet of the Things” – such is the vision.

Some of the advantages of RFID in logistics

The application of RFID labels in loading and unloading processes provides for accelerated warehouse movements. Bulk recognition, verification of consignments and audio-visual signals in cases of misloading are some of the possibilities being realised with this technology. 

In warehousing, storage locations can be tagged, automatic entries can be recorded in the management system and a real-time overview of inventory movements can be realised. Also, RFID labels can form the basis for the guidance of driverless transport systems.

Stocktaking at a touch of a button, precise positioning of goods in the warehouse and intelligent stacking systems are no longer dreams of futurologists, they are now possible thanks to RFID. 

Furthermore, temperature can be monitored in cold chain shipments, out of stock bottlenecks reduced and the precise position within the transport chain supervised. Also, the chips provide significant benefits to data science (e.g. consumer analysis).   

The practical disadvantages of RFID labels.

Despite their advantages and wide-ranging possibilities, there’s also some relatively subtle disadvantages that affect the application of RFID labels, or even make their use impossible: usually, producers supply their self-adhesive labels with only two kinds of adhesive.

This means that they won’t stick optimally on any surface. Depending on application and field, the labels can’t be applied as desired under certain circumstances, and the adhesive force can vary on differing materials, limiting the secure attachment of the RFID labels. 

The sensitive electronics of the labels can also be damaged by moisture or wet conditions, and, in their conventional form, RFID labels aren’t resistant to shocks or other damages during transport.

How to provide perfect RFID labels for every use

For their application, one of our clients needed RFID labels to be protected with foam. This was the signal for Krückemeyer to apply their expertise the promising technology.

“The real problem is not to produce, or programme, RFID labels, but to equip them to be reliable and long lasting”, says CEO Uwe Kittel. Krückemeyer is able to equip labels with different adhesives to make them perfectly applicable on any material and surface. 

Furthermore, the labels can be fitted and optimised with different films or materials to make them waterproof and shock resistant, UV resistant, or temperature resistant. The labels can then be exactly die-cut and separated, without affecting the sensitive electronics.

We can offer you all the advantages RFID technology tailored to your processes!

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