14.February 2017

Photoshooting with industrial adhesive tape

What can normal “Duct tape” achieve in industrial photography?

Every morning Malte Reiter starts his work day with the hunt for the perfect motif. The ambitious photographer, who lives in a redeveloped church in Wuppertal, specialises in industrial photography.
Assignments from the most different of businesses send him across the entire region, always taking his mobile photo studio with him - to be built up on site. Reiter has to be quick and flexible, but still perfectly provides high quality work.

A minor flaw in the complete artwork

But one day, the perfection was disturbed by a minor problem, that had the potential to put all his work in a bad light. It wasn’t his photography, but a roll of “Duct tape” that was at issue.
“To secure studio equipment and cables, or to support scenery or backgrounds, I’m always using adhesive tape, although they must give a good, professional, appearance.” said Malte Reiter.

The problem that confronted Malte Reiter was common one: finding high tack adhesives that don’t leave a residue. The customers were unhappy as floors and walls were dirtied with adhesive residue, and if he tried to use a tape that was residue free, it didn’t have enough strength to support his equipment.

Top photos only go together with top adhesive tape

The search for the right adhesive tape unavoidably became a long-term mission for Malte Reiter. Everywhere he looked he saw the same products, and assumed nothing better was available, adhesive tape was just adhesive tape. Eventually he could easily recognise all the classic products from the DIY store, but none of them were of any use. Then, thorough a connection, he found out that Krückemeyer had exactly the kind of adhesive tape he was looking for. 

The own brand RK 720 adhesive tape perfectly matched the needs of the photographer form Wuppertal. It is easy to remove from the roll, has a strong tack, and can be removed without residue, and, as an added bonus, it has a matt surface, reducing reflections during photographic work.

Today, Malte Reiter also works in underwater photography. As soon as he finds a need for a suitable adhesive tape, we’re sure we’ll be able to help him again.

One-sided adhesive tapes
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