16.May 2017

Iguna – the new adhesive tape for design engineers

The new acrylic foam tape for constructive bonds from Krückemeyer, with lizard like abilities.

In recent years bionics has paved the way for many technical innovations, the combination of nature and technology has also inspired us as a specialist in adhesives. The result is a constructional tape with properties similar to reptiles like iguanas, chameleons or geckos.

Acrylic foam tape for engineers

 Adhesive bonding is now often regarded as the new welding. With its special formula acrylic foam tape Iguna constructional tape opens the gate for the bonding method of the 21th century, it could fully replace mechanical methods like screwing, welding or soldering.

Iguna is one of the strongest constructional tapes in the world and can be used in many fields. The all-rounder stands eye to eye with well-known market leaders, and provides properties that can outshine all mechanical joining methods. 

Bonding of different materials like glass, steel, aluminium, polycarbonate PC, acrylic glass, ABS plastic, polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, and application to powder coated surfaces – with Iguna it’s all possible. 

The common properties of Iguna and reptiles

The capabilities of different animals were used as a model for the outstanding performances of the tape, which copes with many different applications and purposes. Here’s a small excerpt:

  1. Adhesive power
    Chameleons possess an extremely strong suction power in their tongue for catching prey, once struck the prey is held so strongly it cannot escape. When properly applied Iguna also provides a strong and long lasting adhesion.
  2. Surfaces
    Iguanas can safely run, jump, fight on any kind of surface. Geckos, with their exceptional adhesion properties, can even walk upside-down on glass windows. Given the correct preparation, Iguna excellently adheres on almost every surface.  
  3. Environment
    Depending on their surrounding environment, Chameleons and some Iguanas can adapt themselves to circumstances by varying their coloration.
  4. Weather resistance
    Lizards are poikilothermic animals, their internal temperature varies depending in the ambient environmental temperature. Iguna can be applied in environments from –30 °C and up to +220 °C for brief periods
  5. UV resistance
    Lizards can be very active during sunshine, basking to control their temperature. Iguna has an outstanding UV resistance.
  6. Age
    Iguanas can be up to 80 years old. Iguna is age resistant and suitable for long lasting bonds.
  7. Water
    Despite their robustness, Iguanas are very good swimmers and they are also in their element in water. It’s the same for Iguna, being both waterproof and humidity resistant.

Iguna - customized to your needs

Iguna can also meet your individual needs: customise your own Iguna to be a perfect match for your processes. We, as experts in constructional bonding, innovative products and customised solutions, will gladly help you!
As standard, we offer four versions to cover all types of applications: bonding on materials with low surface energy, applications with higher thermal requirements, as a transparent tape, or the classic version – everything’s possible.
In addition, Iguana can be cut to every desired length and width for special applications, or even produced as die-cut parts in all kinds of shapes. For a better application of the die-cut parts, and protection of the material, we can incorporate tear-off tags.

Assure your competitive advantage by utilising constructional bonding as a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative. Let’s optimise your construction processes together, for even greater efficiencies.

The Iguna programme is rounded off with matching cleaning agent, wipes, scissors and primer.

Important information: Workers are required to have certification for many applications of constructional tape, ask us for advice!

Adhesive Tapes with acrylate foam

© Headerbild Pixabay Lizenz CC0 (Public Domain); Fotos Krückemeyer GmbH

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