30.May 2017

High performance surface protection during abrasion

RK 679 – Innovative surface protection for custom abrasion of stainless steel

Every day we use products made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is indispensable in food engineering, medical technology, jewellery, production of fashion accessories, in plumbing, and container construction.

Abrasion to high standards on stainless steel

The popularity of stainless steel is often due to its high-quality appearance, its enormous longevity and its easy-care durability over many years. But it is especially the look of the finished work piece that is the greatest challenge.  Untreated stainless steel doesn’t look particularly high quality, only by using abrasive materials can a fine visual appearance can be achieved, with the result depending on grain sizes and the applied abrasives.

Efficiency is based on the tools

Besides choosing the perfect abrasive and grain size, there’s always another obstacle to overcome: protection of surfaces that shouldn’t be polished (further). Often surface finishes have to be accurately separated from each other, such as when abutting on a mitre, and these standards often apply to rough grinding work too. In the past, conventional production articles could more or less solve the problem, but often the protection film, and thus the underlying surface, was damaged, so in the end the abrasive work was not high quality.  The resistance of the protection film was always limited by the intensity of the grinding process.

Innovative surface protection for custom abrasion tasks

This was a problem that a client of Krückemeyer absolutely needed to be fixed, the best option for them would have been to combine the best qualities of all existing products into just a single one. In an initial conversation with the client, the specialist for adhesives and abrasives, Krückemeyer, developed a wish list with all the required features of the protective film. This created a very demanding, and not easily solved task, with the following challenges:

  • A self-adhesive metal film for perfect surface protection
  • A high mechanical stress and tear resistance 
  • Re-usable and with a high adherence strength
  • Completely residue-free removable, after the abrasive process
  • Provide extremely high edge stability for an accurately defined grinding pattern
  • Easy to cut with ordinary scissors for easier handling

Combining a robust stainless steel film with the suitable adhesive film was a huge challenge for Krückemeyer GmbH. But after initial difficulties in research and development, the disciplines “product protection” and “adhesion and grinding” could be finally merged into one product.

In the end, all of the requirements could be integrated as defined components in the protection tape, and a new product innovation was born. The final judgement of the new user: “In comparison with traditional solutions, this film can take much more mechanically stress, and has an extremely strong edge stability. The bonding on surfaces is extraordinary.” The stainless steel protection strip RK 679 is also used in other industries. All of the above-mentioned features of the tape are, of course, useful for many kinds of abrasive work. If you also have special requests, the Krückemeyer Company in Wilnsdorf (North-Rhine-Westphalia) can help you, too.

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