27.July 2017

Creative production capabilities for your needs

Creative production capabilities for your individual application problems

We can offer you many customer specific product solutions in the areas of adhesive tape, self-adhesive die-cut parts, abrasives and product protection.

We also offer a wide range of products across adhesive tapes, abrasives, adhesives and industrial safety, with manufacturer independent advice.

Here you’ll find the current overview of our production capabilities to download.

Custom adhesive tapes.

We give you the opportunity to have your own adhesive tapes produced, there are many possible combinations of different materials, such as fabric and films, so you can simply combine the benefits of several adhesive tapes.

You can also have adhesive tape cut to your required length and width, which allows us to customise standard trade products.

Self-adhesive die-cut parts

If you need adhesive films in specific shapes, we can produce die-cut parts from single or double-sided adhesive films and foams, designed for your process needs.
It’s also worth noting our capability to produce die-cut parts of all shapes from abrasive cloth and paper, these can be made self-adhesive or backed with a hook-and-loop fastener.

Custom abrasive belts

We provide you with the opportunity to produce abrasive belts designed to match your process needs. You can choose the base material from range of well-known abrasive cloths and papers, as a technical wholesaler we have access to many products from brand name producers.
The base material can but cut to your required width and length, and spliced with a robust bond.

Product protection

With the help of our adhesive tape facilities we can produce custom protective films, these can also be made from a combination of different materials.

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