Adhesive tapes

Many customers have solved their specific application tasks with adhesive tape, whether for constructive bondings or masking in a wide variety of work processes. Our creative production enables us to combine all the advantages of adhesive tape and offer you a tape tailored to suit your applications. Please read the corresponding stories which detail this journey from the application problem to the solution.

Surface protection tape RK 450

Perfect surface protection for sandblasting and painting work

Tape with only one layer in your desired shape. Metal components used in valve construction usually have to be painted and...

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Self-adhesive foams

Konstruktion & Entwicklung 10/2018

A new article in the magazine K&E Konstruktion & Entwicklung 10/2018 about self-adhesive foams in the construction industry.

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Creative production capabilities for your needs

Creative production capabilities for your individual application problems

We can offer you many customer specific product solutions in the areas of adhesive tape, self-adhesive die-cut parts, abrasives...

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Iguna – the new adhesive tape for design engineers

The new acrylic foam tape for constructive bonds from Krückemeyer, with lizard like abilities.

In recent years bionics has paved the way for many technical innovations, the combination of nature and technology has also...

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The modern bonding method

Why adhesive technology is the new welding

Most of the products used every day are assembled from many parts, differing materials such as metals and plastics have to be...

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The most durable masking tape for sandblasting works

Special masking tape for the toughest demands in sandblasting processes

High-performance masking tape for sandblasting When blasting material is shot onto a work piece at speeds of approximately...

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Photoshooting with industrial adhesive tape

What can normal “Duct tape” achieve in industrial photography?

Every morning Malte Reiter starts his work day with the hunt for the perfect motif. The ambitious photographer, who lives in a...

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Adhesive tape tailored to suit your processes

  • We can also produce your individual adhesive tape to improve the function of your products and workflows.
  • Tape design is individual and a range of different materials are combined. Special features of conventional adhesive tapes are combined.
  • Individual blanks are cut to length and width and special shapes realised as adhesive die-cut parts.
  • The advantages are process optimisation through speed and easier handling which saves time and money, the achievement of automation during assembly work and much more.