Protective eyewear

Protect your eyes from damaging influences, such as bright light, UV radiation, laser light, chemicals, dust, splinters or the weather. We offer the needed protection for abrasive and adhesive work, industry and trade. Ask for advice on the relevant safety standards.

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3M™ Vollsichtbrille 2890A, Acetat, klar, AF

3M™ Schutzbrille SecureFit 201 SF201AF, klar AS/AF, Rahmen transparent

3M™ SOLUS™ Schutzbrille Solu11Si, PC Silber/Blau blau verspiegelt

3M™ Maxim™ Schutzbrille MaximRAS, schwarz/grau, PC klar RAS

3M™ Maxim™ Ballistic Utility Pack Schutzbrille MBUtilP, PC DX, bronze, gelb

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