Plastic adhesions

We offer adhesives for every kind of plastic adhesion. Polyolefin plastics, constructive adhesion, thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, composites and transparent plastics are just some of the materials that can be bonded with plastics adhesives. Feel free to call us if you have any questions as to the best adhesive for your individual applications.

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Sikaflex®-221 RLT





TECHNICOLL 8002 Lösemittelklebstoff

TECHNICOLL 8002 Lösemittelklebstoff

Auspresspistole 200 ml

Auspresspistole 310 ml

Auspresspistole 400 ml


3M Scotch Weld DP 100 Klebstoff

3M Scotch Weld DP 8405 NS Klebstoff

3M Scotch Weld EC 100 Cyanacrylat-Klebstoff

3M Scotch Weld MC 100 Cyanacrylat-Klebstoff

3M Scotch Weld SW 4235 Dispersionsklebstoff

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