Capra Grip - Safe movement in any terrain

Statistically, most accidents at work result from slipping or stumbling. Bonded to smooth floors, steps, platforms or footpaths, the self-adhesive anti-slip "Capra Grip" flooring provides a secure hold in all walking areas. In appropriate signal colours, they can also indicate potential sources of danger!

Why Capra Grip is important for you!

In addition to well-known anti-slip products such as 3M Safety Walk or Tesa anti-slip adhesive tapes, the self-adhesive anti-slip coverings "Capra Grip" offer all the advantages of the well-known brands in the same high quality at a very good price-performance ratio.

Find out everything about the self-adhesive alternative of products such as anti-slip slags or anti-slip mats.

Avoid damage

Smooth or wet surfaces, dirty footwear or other external influences can be risk factors in everyday locomotion. Capra Grip prevents employees from slipping due to its rough, coarse-grained surface and provides excellent anti-slip protection.

Individual designs are standard
Due to our individual production possibilities we are able to produce anti-slip materials in all widths, lengths and shapes. You will always receive your individual product tailored to your individual applications and areas of application.

Protecting and marking

Walkways, escape routes, footbridges and steps of all kinds can be marked with signal colours that can be selected in different ways. Capra Grip can also be selected in different colours to meet design requirements when equipping vehicles. Photoluminescent versions for dark walking and escape areas are also available.

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Product quality with highest properties

Best quality

Good grip does not have to be expensive! Capra Grip has all the features of conventional anti-slip tapes and strips and is on a par with leading brand manufacturers in terms of quality.

Reliable functionality

The robust surface and strong adhesive mass ensure a permanent gripeven on surfaces subject to heavy wear. If the adhesive is not suitable for the surface to be bonded, alternative adhesives can also be applied to the anti-slip coverings.

We optimise the safety of your company

As a specialist for floor markings and slip resistance, we are happy to advise you on your individual application free of charge.

Make your company safe

Create an atmosphere of safety in your company and make an accident-free working day possible for your employees.

Wherever you go, we make the way visible and safe!

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Safe step in any terrain

The Capra Ibex Alpine ibex is the godfather of the Capra Grip brand and, as the most magnificent representative of the big game, symbolises strength and confident movement in steep and impassable terrain.

The hooves of the ibex have a hard edge, so-called shells, which ensure that the hoof is treadable in the rock. A further component of the hoof is the ball. A soft core that elastically adapts to the ground and produces a similar effect to suction cups.

The Capricorn is characterised by safe gait and stability. Climbing steep slopes up to the upper snow and ice limit is therefore no problem for the Capra Ibex. Reason enough to choose it as a model for high-performance slip resistance.

Capra Grip products guarantee safe locomotion on any surface and withstand all weather conditions.

By the way: The Capricorn never leaves its real territory and always stays within this environment. Reason enough to call our floor marking tapes "Capra Floor"!

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Capra Grip made our machines  really safe!

Leading manufacturers trust in the brand with the Capricorn!

The construction machinery manufacturer Herbert Erdmann is the third generation to run his internationally active company and can look back on a successful company history. The safety of his construction machinery has always been a matter close to his heart.

Safety when getting on and off and when moving on the high vehicles had to be guaranteed. Each construction machine was therefore equipped with individually manufactured checker plates on all walking and standing areas.

One day, a customer's employee slipped with his muddy shoes on the rain-wet corrugated sheets and fell several meters from the machine.

The affected employee had to heal some broken bones and accept long hospital stays as well as rehabilitation measures. 

In order to make his machines even safer in the future, a way was sought to further increase the slip resistance. Together with the experts from Krückemeyer GmbH, a solution was developed.

The deformable "Capra Grip II" can easily be glued to chequer plates and adapts to the contours of the surface. It also protects against slipping on wet or oily areas. Applied to the chequer plate, it makes this even safer.

In order to guarantee fast and uncomplicated application, Krückemeyer GmbH brings the desired material directly into the desired shape thanks to the latest laser technology.

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