Safety-Walk anti-slip surfaces

1. What is Safety-Walk?

3M Safety-Walk is a self-adhesive anti-slip covering that has a rough surface similar to abrasive cloth. This material, bonded to floors, footbridges or other walkable surfaces, prevents accidents caused by slipping, falling or tripping (similar to checker plates used for slip protection).

Safety-Walk guarantees excellent slip resistance on dry, smooth, wet or oil-smeared floors and can be applied quickly and easily. The non-slip underlay consists of high-quality materials, is extremely resilient and convinces by its longevity.

Safety-Walk is also known as a self-adhesive anti-slip mat or anti-slip adhesive tape.

2. Why Safety-Walk?

Over half of all accidents at work in Germany are caused by slipping, falling or tripping. Permanent anti-slip coverings such as Safety Walk prevent precisely these slipping accidents and serve as step protection and floor covering.

  • The technical rules for workplaces "Floors" ASR A 1.5/1,2 contain a provision for danger avoidance during work. For this purpose, evaluation criteria for floors in different workspaces and areas are listed for different slip hazards in the appendix of ASR A1.5/1,2.
  • These evaluation groups start at R 9 (lowest requirement) and extend to R 13 (very high requirements).
  • All Safety-Walk products are tested according to these requirements.
  • Safety-Walk complies with the legal requirements of the EEC directive 89/391 + DIN 51130

3. Where is Safety Walk used?

Anti-slip coverings are used on all accessible surfaces. The most common applications are floors, stairs and ladders. Safety Walk products are frequently used in the following areas:

  • construction & agricultural machinery
  • commercial vehicles
  • camper vans
  • stairs & ramps
  • ladders & scaffolds
  • swimming pools & pools
  • sanitary areas
  • fire brigade
  • sports & play equipment

Glued to floors, footbridges or other walkable surfaces, Safety-Walk offers an excellent solution against falling accidents. Safety-Walk complies with the legal requirements of EEC directive 89/391 + DIN 51130.

6. Safety-Walk in different geometries

We adapt the Safety-Walk material exactly to your needs with regard to shape, dimensions and application. Different shapes, sizes and geometries can be manufactured to customer requirements using laser or punching technology for your individual application.

7. Safety-Walk with different adhesives?

In order to guarantee perfect adhesion to any substrate, you can choose from a wide range of different adhesives which are applied to the safety walk material. This guarantees a safe hold on the respective surface.

8. Further possibilities for your safety-walk applications

Custom-made warning and marking tapes

Fast dispatch of samples

Suitable installation accessories

On-site consultation

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