The die-cut part for your products and processes

1. Why do we need die-cut parts?

Self-adhesive die-cut parts are often referred to as stickers or adhesive dots. They are frequently used for larger runs of defined sizes or lengths. They are generally used for assembling or protecting workpieces, and they can assume every individual shape in this respect.

2. Your advantages at a glance

  • Functional improvement of processes and products
  • Improved handling through customised production
  • Customisation to product or application
  • Combination of materials and properties of various conventional adhesive tapes and sanding belts
  • Automation and "dispensability" during assembly work

3. Die-cut parts made of adhesive tape

We can provide you with every kind of single-sided and double-sided adhesive tape primary material and die cut these in your desired shape. A combination of different materials such as cloth with films is also possible in this context.

4. Die-cut parts made of abrasive cloth

We also manufacture die-cut parts made of abrasive cloth or paper for you. These can be self-adhesive or have hook-and loop fasteners. Abrasive cloth and paper of all known types and qualities can be selected for this purpose. Hole punching within the contour is also possible.

5. Lasering of stubborn materials

You can benefit from our laser technology for particularly hard and viscous materials. In addition, sheet material and individual parts can also be lasered.

6. Punching with register accuracy for RFID tags

We can punch materials with pinpoint precision and register accuracy. This technique is, for example, used to punch RFID tags. If these need to be shock-resistant, waterproof or bear a different adhesive, we are also capable of realising this.

7. Other options

Assembly of die-cut parts and workpieces

Processing of non-adhesive films and paper

Application of opening and peel-off tabs

Planning based on everything from hand-drawn sketches to DXF files

Speedy shipping of samples, including without tools

8. Greater service from Krückemeyer

Manufacturer-independent consulting

Prompt tendering

Fast delivery times

Optional small batch production

Contract production

Sample applications

Further production areas