Constructive bonding with adhesive tape

1. Adhesive tapes hold the world together!

Nowadays, a large number of products from our everyday lives consist of various elements and materials. Conventional joining processes such as screwing, welding and soldering play an important role in the assembly of the individual elements, but have disadvantages.

In addition, increasingly complex electronics, such as smartphones, laptops or displays on household appliances and vehicles, demand minimal, invisible yet secure joining methods.

This is why in recent decades bonding has established itself as a joining technology for these areas of application and is often referred to as the "welding of modern times".

It is referred to as constructive bonding when the bonded joint is part of the overall construction and has to withstand all loads.

The focus here is on double-sided adhesive tapes, especially so-called acrylic foam adhesive tapes and the punched parts made from them.

2. The special properties of acrylic foam adhesive tapes

The double-sided adhesive tapes with acrylic foam adhesive tapes are characterised by a multitude of special features:

  •  Strong adhesive strength
  •  Extremely resilient
  •  High resistance to moisture, heat, cold and UV light
  •  For permanent bonding
  •  Durable and resistant to ageing
  •  Tension equalizing
  •  Precise adaptation to various applications

3. What are the advantages compared to conventional joining methods?

Double-sided adhesive tapes with an acrylic foam core have many advantages over mechanical connections (screws, rivets), thermal connections (welding) and liquid adhesives.

They do not mechanically damage the workpiece and reduce the risk of corrosion as they do not use screws and rivets that are prone to rust. In addition, the adhesive force is distributed over the entire surface rather than selectively, thus preventing material failure.

Adhesive tapes also have a sealing function that protects against environmental influences such as wind, moisture or dust. The adhesive tapes on an acrylic foam base also ensure that the connecting material does not contract or expand and at the same time perform a sound-absorbing function by eliminating noises caused by vibration.  

Another advantage is that adhesive tapes can be applied to a variety of different materials such as metal, wood, paper or stainless steel. Thus they allow a flexible and efficient use, are practically invisible and therefore provide an attractive optical appearance through clean bonding.

4. Safety during constructive bonding

Despite the many advantages of these tapes, there is still a lot of scepticism about their use. The question often arises as to which adhesive tapes are the right ones and whether they have the necessary adhesive strength to ensure a secure and durable connection.

In most cases, it is not the adhesive tape that is to blame for everything. Not every adhesive tape and its adhesive are basically suitable for all materials and substrates. Sometimes it is the external conditions, such as humidity or UV light, that make permanent adhesion difficult.  This means that there is no all-round adhesive tape for all purposes, but rather that they have to be specially adjusted.

In addition, a conscientious application of the tapes is essential. For example, incorrect or too weak unrolling ensures weak adhesion (immediate adhesion), so that no long-term adhesive strength can develop. The consideration of the special application instructions therefore achieves reliable results.

5. tesa ACXPlus, 3M VHB & Iguna

tesa®ACXplus, 3M™ VHB, and IGUNA constructive adhesive tape are the leading double-sided high-performance adhesive tapes on a closed-cell acrylate foam backing that have special properties for constructive connections.

They are characterized by an enormously strong adhesive strength and can therefore easily withstand external environmental influences such as wind, moisture, and dust. They also have good adhesion and high adaptability to the surfaces to be bonded.

For example, they have been used for over 30 years in the automotive, furniture and electrical industries as well as in metal construction.

6. The special Krückemeyer Service

Krückemeyer offers individual solutions for the different requirements of connections. Almost all shapes and geometries can be produced as self-adhesive die-cut parts as well as precisely fitting widths and sizes: from simple embossing to filigree decorative lines!

In addition, we are able to bond individual assemblies. For example, rear-view mirrors, antennas or trim strips are assembled for the automotive supplier industry.

We offer:

  •  Manufacturer-independent consulting
  •  Immediate submission of tenders
  •  Fast delivery
  •  Optional small series production
  •  toll manufacturing