The adhesive tape for your products and processes

1. Why a customised adhesive tape?

In general, adhesive tapes have assembly and protective functions and can insulate, fasten, fix, package, bundle and lay things. However, not every standard adhesive tape can optimally solve your challenges.

2. Your advantages at a glance

  • Functional improvement of processes and products
  • Combination of different adhesive tape properties
  • Improved handling through customised production
  • Automation for assembly work
  • Time and cost savings

4. Select your preferred tape length

Depending on the material used, we can produce adhesive tape rolls with a length of 1 to approx. 1,500 metres

5. Select your preferred width

We can cut your adhesive tape to a width of > 0.5 mm to approx. 1600 mm. Please also note that the dimensions depend on the respective material.

6. Your further options

We can rewind your adhesive tape onto other cardboard or plastic tubes (cores). In addition, it is also possible to manufacture the primary material as sheet material instead of adhesive tapes.

Production of sheet material instead of adhesive tapes

Rewinding onto other cardboard or plastic tubes (cores)

Production of die-cut parts from adhesive tape

Solutions also created from commercially available adhesive tapes

7. Greater service from Krückemeyer

Optional small batch production

Manufacturer-independent consulting

Prompt tendering

Contract production

corporate research and development

Fast delivery times

Sample applications

Further production areas