Sanding belt tailored to suit your processes

1. Why an individual sanding belt?

Abrasive belts can be used for many grinding jobs in industry and trade and therefore offer a wide range of applications.

The following abrasive belt types can be cut by us in length and width to your needs:

Fabric abrasive belts (depending on their quality) are suitable for dry and wet sanding work on unalloyed and high-alloy steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and cast iron, but also wood and plastic. A fabric abrasive belt is mainly used in all areas of the metalworking industry.

Paper sanding belts are mainly used for surface sanding. They are suitable for sanding plywood, plastic, soft and hard wood as well as stainless steel sheets. The sanding belts are mainly used in the woodworking industry and in the craft sector.

Non-woven sanding belts are used for cleaning, applying a satin finish, for light deburring work and for sanding out flaws. They are also ideal for removing annealing colours. 

Foil sanding belts are used for polishing high-gloss paintwork. The processing of lacquers is the focus of these belt types. The sanding belts are used in automotive painting, the furniture industry or in other similar industries.

2. Your advantages at a glance

With our in-house production we offer you the possibility to manufacture abrasive cloth and paper according to your wishes.

  • This results in the following advantages for you:
  • More efficient work due to customized production of your abrasives
  • Optimization of your grinding processes through tailor-made products
  • This saves time and money
  • Selection of well-known materials from well-known manufacturers
  • Self-adhesive or Velcro equipped punched parts made of abrasive cloth
  • Materials and shapes can be chosen freely

3. Primary material of almost every brand and quality

We can provide you with abrasive cloth and paper of all familiar types and qualities. All grain types and support backings can therefore be selected. You therefore need not dispense with the usual optimum properties.

4. Customised tape lengths

We can cut tape lengths from 283 mm to 17,000 mm for you. As an adhesive specialist, an extreme tear-resistant bonding of the closure point is a self-evident goal for us.

5. Customised tape widths

Given a maximum belt length of 17,000 mm, we separate sanding belts into the desired width ranging from 6 mm to 400 mm.

6. Robust seal

As an adhesive specialist, each sanding belt is supplied by us with an extremely robust seal. During tear testing, the material tears under maximum load, not the adhesive seal.

7. Further options

Here you can find out all further possibilities of abrasive processing from our company

Production of die-cut parts from adhesive cloth

Processing of abrasive fleece

Cut-to-size blanks also without tape closure

Rewinding of rolled material onto other cores

8. Greater service from Krückemeyer

Manufacturer-independent consulting

Prompt tendering

Fast delivery times

Optional small batch production

Contract production

Sample applications

  • Mirka Premium Abrasives: Iridium and Novastar

    Abrasives with many special features

    The new paper abrasive Iridium as well as the film abrasive Novastar from Mirka® are characterized by a multitude of special...

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  • 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasive belts: One year in office

    All about the one-year-old of the fabric abrasive belts

    The abrasive belts with 3M's precision-formed ceramic grain are now on the market for one year. Application specialist David...

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  • VSM ILUMERON - for finest surfaces

    Long-term abrasive for a glossy finish

    The new all-over coated long-term abrasive VSM ILUMERON applied on a robust fabric surface achieves particularly high gloss values...

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  • Creative production capabilities for your needs

    Creative production capabilities for your individual application problems

    We can offer you many customer specific product solutions in the areas of adhesive tape, self-adhesive die-cut parts, abrasives...

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  • High performance surface protection during abrasion

    RK 679 – Innovative surface protection for custom abrasion of stainless steel

    Every day we use products made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is indispensable in food engineering, medical technology,...

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  • Superfine-polishing for perfect surfaces

    Starcke NANOGRIT

    NANOGRIT produces exceptional, uniform, hand polished surfaces due to its fine aluminium oxide grits softly bonded to a highly...

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Further production areas