27. April 2020

Adhesive Tape in radio play

MacGyver always had a tape with him to get him out of a tricky situation. The 2 young detectives Nicci & Vicci also have tape like this. Listen in the ARD audio library and on the radio, how the twins solve the case of the Carpathian calf and which Krückemeyer innovation was the inspiration for their tape.

This comedy radio play is a feast for all 80s fans. Who doesn't know them? The curious and adventurous twins Nicci & Vicci, who are having fun together with their friends at boarding school. On the first day of the summer holidays the fun suddenly turns into deadly serious when a schoolmate disappears. Immediately, the horrible suspicion arises that she has been kidnapped - by a beast that, according to legend, is roaming the area, the Carpathian calf of Vankerville?

This seems like a new case for the 2 young detectives Nicci & Vicci. During their breakneck search in the eerie Dartmoor they meet green ghosts, crazy birds and have to solve many puzzles. They almost lose their nerve and innocence, but never their sense of humour.

With Katy Karrenbauer, Sonya Kraus, Santiago Ziesmer, Klaus Krückemeyer, Gordon Piedesack, Stefanie Köhm, Cindy Walther, Dirk Hardegen, Jörg Bombach, Patrick L. Schmitz, Maria Magdalena Wardzinska, Jenny Maria Meyer, Daniela Köhler, Katharina Bruns and Axel Senn.

"Alfred Hitchcock meets Enid Blyton": Nowhere else in the world are radio plays more popular and successful than in Germany. The 1980s were a particularly heyday, when radio plays were produced on record and cassette, especially for young people. Series such as "Die drei ???", "Fünf Freunde", "TKKG" or "Hanni und Nanni" have left their mark on generations and are still so successful today that they are still being continued with new episodes some forty years later and are considered a cult.

Nicci & Vicci and the Carpathian Calf. A Persiflage by Klaus Krückemeyer on radio play series of the 80s



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