13. June 2019

"Arbeitskreis Wilnsdorfer Unternehmer (AWU)" visits dust free room

A clean thing

The members of the Wilnsdorfer Unternehmer (AWU) working group were recently allowed to feel like premiere guests. During their company tour of Krückemeyer GmbH, they were taken to a very special construction site, as Managing Director Jan Krückemeyer proudly announced: "A so-called dust free room is being created here, in which we will be able to produce stamped parts for discerning customers from the automotive industry or medical technology, for example".

The dust free room, a preliminary stage of the clean room, is structurally separated from the rest of the production process. It can only be entered through adouble door system and has special ventilation and filter technology. This enables Krückemeyer GmbH, which has successfully specialised in individual bonding and grinding solutions, to meet high standards of cleanliness and purity. "As far as we know, we are the only producer in Germany that will soon be able to produce stamped parts in a dust free room," added Managing Director Uwe Kittel.

Exchange about common challenges

The audience was correspondingly impressed. The members of the "Arbeitskreis Wilnsdorfer Unternehmer" met at Krückemeyer GmbH for one of their regular working meetings. "We like to use the dates to get to know each other better," explained AWU Chairman Timm Bendinger. Even if the AWU members work gate to gate, as it were, there would often be no opportunity in everyday business life to exchange ideas about possible common challenges, said Bendinger. Mayor Christa Schuppler agreed: "This is exactly why we set up AWU," she recalled the founding of the working group in the summer of 2017, in which she had played a key role.