20. August 2019

Dual converter award by 3M and Tesa

A few weeks ago the Krückemeyer GmbH was awarded twice! Two suppliers 3M and Tesa awarded the company the titles Tesa Gold Converter and 3M Select Converter for the adhesive tape sector.

The award as the official converter for adhesive tape is based on years of trustful cooperation with the manufacturers and the focus on product solutions that are tailored to the needs, wishes and ideas of the customer.

"In recent months, we have been able to implement a number of product innovations in cooperation with the manufacturers, modify their products and thus adapt them to customer requirements," says Sales Manager Leif Otto.

The know-how that has grown over the years and the unique possibilities for further processing the manufacturer's products have now brought Krückemeyer GmbH into the circle of official converters for Tesa and 3M adhesive tapes.

"The new building and the associated expansion of the production areas made it possible to break new ground and make new investments," says Production Manager Frank Schulze.

These new acquisitions include the construction of a dust free room for dust-free and dirt-free production as well as the register-precise punching of stamped parts for the electronics industry, medical technology, automotive industry and the assembly of RFID labels, for example.

"With the production options that can be combined, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled," explains Arthur Berwanger. "Classical, precisely fitting cutting or shaping as die-cut adhesive parts, special requirements, special requests, etc. can be realized with a bit of a spirit of research".

The Krückemeyer team is pleased about the awards and looks forward to the future of customer-specific special solutions!

Production possibilities at Krückemeyer